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  • Manage Multiple Businesses
  • Manage Business Locations / Branches / Storefronts  / Ware House
  • Strong User & Role Management
  • Easy Customer and Supplier Management
  • Manage Products, Brands, Categories & Variants
  • Manage Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders and Purchases
  • Manage Sales Orders and fulfill the Sales
  • Fast and Easy to use Point of Sale Screen
  • Manage Business Expenses & Expense Categories
  • Generate Multiple Business Reports


PentiumPOS will help you keep inventory and accounting information of various businesses separately, without any restriction of the number of businesses.

Business Locations

The system is able to create multiple locations and branches for your business, manage stock, track purchases and sales, customize invoice layouts and schemes. All this can be done from a central location.

User & Role Management

With PentiumPOS, you can create unlimited users and roles for the system e.g. Admin, cashier, then the roles are assigned to the different users and accessibility permissions configured as the management sees fit.


PentiumPOS will help you keep customer and supplier information, keep their transaction details like credit/ debit balance amount, define their payment terms and get alerts a week before their payment due dates


The products module will help your business manage single and variable products and classify them according to brands, category and sun-category, add products with different units, add/autogenerate SKU numbers with prefixes, auto-calculate selling price based on profit margins and most importantly get alerts on low stocks and stock that is about to expire.


The purchase module will allow you to easily add and manage purchases from different locations, add discounts and taxes, manage paid/ due purchases and get notified a week before pay date.


Our sales module is designed to make selling simplified and easy for both walk-in customers and repeat customers. With it you can add new customers from the POS screen, mark an invoice as draft or final, have different payment options, and finally, you can Customize invoice layout and invoice schemes. The POS screen is Ajax based which saves reloading time.


Easily add and analyze business expenses based on category and business locations from the business expense reports.


Empowering your Business

Business Insights​

Our POS system offers a wide range of capabilities, including generating comprehensive reports and providing versatile dashboards. These reports offer invaluable insights into your business, highlighting sales patterns, customer behavior, and product performance. With easy access to detailed reports and intuitive dashboards, you can gain a deep understanding of your business’s performance. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and boost profitability. The insights derived from your POS system become a valuable compass guiding your business to success

Inventory Management

Our POS system offers comprehensive product management, enabling you to effortlessly oversee various product types, manage stock levels in real-time, view current stock quantities, establish minimum stock thresholds, and receive restock notifications when inventory hits the set minimum level. It’s versatile enough to handle multiple warehouses, facilitates periodic stock takes, and generates relevant reports. The insights gained from this multifaceted system empower businesses to maintain precise control over their inventory, eliminating costly overstocking or understocking issues, and optimizing operations for sustained growth.

Customers & Suppliers Management

Our versatile POS system excels in managing customers and suppliers efficiently. It simplifies the process of listing and categorizing both customers and suppliers while allowing you to set individual credit limits and payment terms. You have the flexibility to oversee customer payments and supplier transactions effortlessly. Plus, our system generates detailed reports, offering insights into these relationships, enabling you to make informed decisions. This comprehensive functionality empowers you to maintain strong, fruitful associations with both customers and suppliers, enhancing the overall operational performance of your business.

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Our cutting-edge Point of Sale (POS) system empowers your business like never before. With seamless access from anywhere, streamline your operations effortlessly and boost your revenue by venturing into the world of online sales. Discover limitless possibilities with our All-in-One Web POS software.

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