PentiumPOS; The ultimate solution.

Today, Point of Sale systems have flooded the market. But do they have what your business may require or will you have to keep buying more software to supplement what comes with the POS? Are they properly licensed? You may want to ask yourself that question the next time you are in the market for a POS system for your business. That is why Pentium Silicone Limited brings you PentiumPOS.

This is a point-of-sale system that will go beyond managing your check-out transactions since it comes equipped with additional modules to manage the whole business as a whole.

PentiumPOS is easy to use and with it, you don’t require business management software. This POS auto-generates various reports that will help you make better and more informed decisions about things like marketing promotions, menu item pricing, staffing, and much more. 

Why go for PentiumPOS?

Here are 7 reasons why PentiumPOS is the most suitable for your business.

  • Optimizes the check-out process.

It will significantly speed up the process by having a centralized database of your products’ pricing and customers. One can easily find the products, assign them to a customer and even give them a discount at ease.

  • Offers discounts that are beneficial to both you and the customer.

PentiumPOS gathers information about the buying and selling price of products, and customer information. This makes it easy to run campaigns and promotions without running the business at a loss and without having to calculate the discounts manually which can be very tedious.

  • Provides more payment options.

In Kenya, we have over 5 payment options to pay with and retailers are under pressure to optimize them. These include m-pesa, bank transfers through mobile apps, cash payments, use of ETR machines, and wire transfers.

PentiumPOS can be customized to offer all the payment options of your choice making the buying process seamless and giving a customer a good impression of your business.

  • Helps a business run loyalty programs.

This is a guaranteed method to attract more customers and increase repeat buying. Tech POS has integrated such programs with the system. This ensures customers are rewarded for every purchase without much effort from the workers.

  • Eliminates human errors.

Errors can easily happen if the staff have to enter multiple transactions manually in a day. Having a good POS will ensure that doesn’t happen since everything is auto-generated and calculations are done by the system at the end of every transaction.

  • Managing inventory.

PentiumPOS manages the amount of stock in the store by batch no, keeps track of expiry dates, products about to go out of stock, damaged stock per purchase, stock transfers from warehouse to store, or different stores, and the return process if necessary.

This goes a long way in cutting losses which may happen through expired stock, stolen stock, or damaged stock.

  • Managing employees.

The POS is able to tell who worked which shift since employees have to log in to the system at the beginning of every shift. An added Human Resources module makes PentiumPOS one of the very few POS systems that can perform all HR functions.  This module helps with keeping track of employee performance, performing appraisals, and generating payrolls at the end of each month.

In conclusion, PentiumPOS is developed by Kenyan developers making it the most suitable for the Kenyan market. This way, it can be customized to suit the unique qualities of your business, it’s easy to use, and also system support is easily and readily available.

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