Benefits of Digital Marketing to your business.

Digital marketing is the process through which businesses can use the internet and digital channels and platforms such as websites, social media, emails and messengers to advertise their products and services.

Why should small businesses use Digital marketing?

If you are already doing well while using traditional marketing methods such as banners, billboards and flyers, imagine how well you could be doing by using digital marketing channels which when used properly are able to reach up to three times more audience than the methods previously used. Here are some of the reasons why Digital Marketing is a must for any growing business.

  1. Helps businesses target the right audience.

With tools such as google ads, linked in for keyword search and Facebook custom audiences and targeting, a business is able to make marketing campaigns specifically targeting their customers. This will go a long way since one only needs to spend money to advertise to only potential audience who are likely to be converted to customers.

  • Higher ROI at lower costs.

Renting a billboard in Nairobi would go for roughly Ksh 150,000 a month while running a Facebook campaign with the same advertisement for the same month and that would probably reach a bigger audience would cost a business less than Ksh 50,000. Not only is Digital marketing cost effective it is able to give higher rates of returns since the adverts can be interactive. Which gives better customer experience.

  • Build Brand recognition.

Digital marketing enables customers to communicate more with your brand. When a product is introduced to the people, they are able to learn more about it through social media platforms which can be very interactive. Also consistent online presence creates brand loyalty leading to increased revenue.

  • Increased revenue.

Most digital marketing channels create room for more conversation which in turn creates more revenue to a business.

  • Allows for efficient tracking for future campaigns.

Through digital marketing, you can find out which strategy and campaign have brought you the highest ROI. You can do so through the use of the Analytics tools. Also if you own a website, then you can even know all about your customers, like their demographics, geographical locations, how much time they spent on your website, etc. 

  • Gives businesses equal opportunities in the market.

Small companies are not able to compete fairly with larger brands due to lack of enough funds. However, with digital marketing, creativity is the most important factor. If you have innovative content for your business or if you are creative enough, then you can knock off anything in this digital industry. 

Marketing is essential in ensuring your target prospects can see the benefits of buying from your brand. Therefore, entrusting the task of effective marketing to a firm that offers digital marketing services or hiring a digital marketing expert is the best decision a business can make.

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